How to prepare for a Chess Tournament

What do you do to prepare for a tournament?  I am getting ready to get back into tournament play and I am looking for ideas on how to best prepare for it.  I have not played in a tournament for a good number of years - only played online recently.

I feel that I need more tactics study - but my gut is saying some endgame and opening would be useful too?

I did some Google searching and found an interesting link.

Roman Chess - How to prepare for a chess Tournament

This gives me some more ideas on how to prepare for a chess tournament.

1.  Play some slower games - if you only practice with speed chess it will be harder to player slower when you are in the tournament.

2.  Practice Tactics - this is very important and will help sharpen your game and help avoid simple blunders.

3. Decide on openings to play - don't go in and guess on which openings to play - you will not be able to prepare a lot of different openings and be strong in all of them.

4.  Study basic endgame ideas so you will be able to win or draw games in close situations.

5. Have fun and relax - it is all about enjoying the game anyways.