Places to Play Chess online, part 2

Another place that I have been playing online is chess.com. The major attraction here is the correspondence type games.  You add a seek or respond to one indicating that you are ready to play.  The time control is from 1 day per move all the way up to 14 days per move.  There are a good number of players here and the games seem to start fairly quickly.  They are very pushy about getting money from you which is annoying however.

There are also other features that they have that are nice.  Live Chess is available, which kind of functions as a Internet Chess Server via a browser.  It is not as good as FICS but it works.  They have video lessons which require one to be a member.  It is an interesting idea and the membership fee goes to pay the GMs and IMs who are creating the content.  There is a Game Explorer which is pretty worthless without a membership as well.  There are a lot more features, but most of them require payment.

The main reason to log into chess.com is the free correspondence play.  If you happen to be willing to shell out the money for the membership there are some interesting features for studying chess.

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